Difficult or Evasive Service of Process

Is your subject avoiding service?

Do you anticipate the person or business becoming evasive?

Evasive & Hard to Serve Subjects is our Specialty!

Possible defendant evasive maneuvers may include;  No answer at the
door, refusal to open the door, locked gate leading to front door, arrives
home and parks inside a garage, gated community, roommates or
business associates say they are not in or are covering for them…, etc.

At Legal Mind Attorney Service, we specialize in effecting service on
difficult and/or evasive defendants & respondents. When a defendant is
avoiding service through the usual means of a Sheriff Deputy or Process
Server, our evasive service techniques may be the answer.

Request service via U.S. mail, overnight service, Fax, E-mail or Call us,
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Please include payment with service documents

In the event that the Process Server or Private Investigator has to give
testimonial or deposition the client is responsible for the billable time &
expenses incurred.

Stakeout Service

Through many years of Process Serving experience we have developed
highly effective means of serving difficult or evasive persons, including the

Appointment Serves
Stakeouts including child custody pickups & drop-offs

Our Stakeout procedures include early morning departures, late evening arrivals and stakeout attempts arranged through prior service attempts
and/or prior knowledge of possible defendant activities. Appointment
serves can also be utilized to serve someone at a particular time and
place or an attempt to make an appointment for service.  

Please include any information you may have on the defendant which can
help facilitate service such as: Photographs, physical description, vehicle
info, nicknames, spouse names, roommates, telephone numbers,
employment info, possible defendant activities…, etc.

Call us @ 707-655-4515 or send us an
Email to inquire about service
of process with our evasive service techniques.

The California Counties we offer service to include:  
Solano County, Napa County, San Francisco County, Contra Costa
County, Alameda County, Marin County,
Sonoma County

We provide complete service of process of all documents such as
Summons & Complaints, Small Claims, OTSC, Family Law Documents, 3-5
day notices,  Cross-Complaints, Writs, Garnishments, Bank Levies, Record
and Personal Subpoenas, etc. We utilize only registered and bonded
professional process servers and licensed private investigators to serve
your legal process. This ensures that your work is done professionally and
is done right the first time.

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