Family Law Process Servers

Our process servers serve all legal documents
originating from the Family Law Court including:
Family Law Summons and Petition
Order to Show Cause
Restraining Orders
Child Custody and Support Order
Civil Subpoena
Petition to Establish Parental Control

At Legal Mind Attorney Service every customer is important and our
process servers are experienced, reliable and professional with years of experience handling evasive and emotional defendants.

Request service via U.S. mail, overnight service, Fax, E-mail or Call us,

36 Wilson Ave.
Vallejo, CA 94590
Call Monday - Saturday 24hrs: 707-655-5415
Fax your Service needs 24hrs to: 707-644-1674

In the event that the Process Server has to give testimonial or deposition
the client is responsible for the billable time & expenses incurred.

When serving legal documents originating from the Family Law Court
please include any and all information you may have on the party to be
served including complete descriptions, age, vehicles, employment
information, activities, possible roommates..., etc.

We are familiar with the unique laws and judicial protocol that each county
observes in California. The California Counties we offer service to include;
Solano County, Napa County San Francisco County, Contra Costa County,
Alameda County, Marin County, & Sonoma County.

We are experienced in serving all legal documents including:

Summons & Complaints - Record Subpoenas - Small Claims Cases -
Personal Subpoenas - Restraining Orders - Writs - Bank Levies - Notices
to pay or Quit - Wage Attachments - Cross-complaints - Evictions -
Pleadings - Motions - Correspondence - Discovery - Order for Appearance
and Examination & Judgment Debtor’s Statement of Assets

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